Tuesday, April 26

How To Fix Sites Does Not Comply with Goggle Policies

Hi Readers, what am about to share with you guys is something that happened to me during my time of applying for goggle adsense and it was disproved with sites does not comply with goggle policies, and here is what i do to overcome this problem of sites does not comply with goggle policies.

I change my Blog Template.

I remove some of my gadgets such as Linkwithin widget.

I add pages to my blog footer.

I change my blogspot for custom domain name.

In my pages, I add privacy policy and put Google Adsense as my Advert Partner inside the Privacy Policy.

Add Recent Post and Popular Post Widget to your Sidebar.

Am very sure if you do these changes to your blog, Goggle Adsense Team will review your application and approved it in the next 24 Hours after you submit it.

But after they approved your account try and add this things you remove back to your blog because you need it.

I hope this helps.

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