Tuesday, April 26

SEE: 16 Years Old Girl Died Hitting her head on Sink in Wilmington Yesterday

A student cries in front of Howard School of Technology on Monday 25 April, 2016 in Wilmington, Del, 16 years old girl sophomore died on Monday following a fight in a Delaware Girls High School restroom.

The died 16 years old girl was a 10th grader from New Castle who had gotten involved in a confrontation involving two other students at Wilmington’s Howard High School of Technology, Mrs. Kathy K. Demarest said in her statement that no weapons were used, police are questioning the other students says Demarest.

The 16 years old girl had been rushed to A.L Dupoint Children’s Hospital in a critical condition, police officer sergeant Andre Javier said.

Student Kayla Wilson said she was in the girls restroom when he fight begins, sophomore was fighting a girl, when the other girls backed her, then she pushed her and she hit on sink.

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