Friday, June 10

The actual fashion trend is the ‘cropped agbada’, but last year, the trend was put into cultural context and thanks to social media, the trend resurfaced with a bang

2016 was the year for menswear in Nigeria. Men moved to a more stable place style wise, from designers putting out more versatile looks with great range, to everyday men making the effort to look better put together.

We saw a lot of male fashion trends come and go last year, such as Dashiki, Fedora hats, slim joggers and many more. However, one of the biggest trends from the latter half of last year has to be the ‘Yoruba Demon’ trend.

Rather than being a negative term, it’s being looked at as a fashion trend that showcases guys as being suave in traditional outfits. At the headies on the 1st of 2016, we saw the entire YBNL crew making a statement with the trend, led by Olamide in a green Agbada set.

With the trend being showcased in such a huge way on the very first day of the year and many more Nigerian men donning the look for the first Sunday of the year, we can’t help but wonder if this may just be the biggest menswear fashion trend of the year or just a passing phase. Let us know what you think.

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