Tuesday, June 14

These cute toddlers lost their way but were fortunately returned home by a policeman (Photo)

Three todlers, a 2-year-old girl and a pair of 1-year-old twins, accidentally walked out of their home and lost their way in the neighborhood in Jiande city in Zhejiang Province, China but luckily they were found by a police officer.
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The officer, named Chen, spotted the three toddlers standing in an alley while having his breakfast on Monday morning, June 14.  Noticing that they were on their own without a parent around, Chen took them to the nearby police station. (Pictured are the infants enjoying the lollipops given them by an owner of a shop in the alley)
The male police officers at the station, divided themselves into three groups and took care of the babies, bought milk and clothes, and later went to look for their parents.
The children’s mother came for them hours later. She said that the infants walked out accidentally because her husband forgot to close the door on his way to work. When she woke up and found her babies were gone, she immediately rushed out, and that’s when she was told by the neighbors the whereabouts of her children.

Source: CCTV

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