Monday, May 1

Mercy Aigbe Gentry lecture ladies to "Say no to domestic violence” - (Photos)

In a not-so-cryptic post shared on her social media page an hour ago, Nollywood actress and producer Mercy Aigbe Gentry urged everyone (especially her Instagram followers) to say no to domestic violence.

In the past couple of days the actress’ marriage has faced a lot of scrutiny with speculations of domestic violence and while Mercy Aigbe’s husband Lanre has spoken out a few times to deny the allegations on his Instagram page, the actress herself has stayed clear of the rumours.

She has however spoken up about domestic violence in general on two occasions in the past few days. The first time, she posted a photo of a domestic violence victim and captioned
“Say NO to DOMESTIC VIOLENCE……Only a Coward hits a woman! REAL MEN don’t HIT! Repost if you concur”. Today she also posted another photo of a domestic violence victim and used the hashtag “#Saynotodomesticviolence”.


On his own page, a few hours after Mercy shared the first domestic violence post three days ago, her husband Lanre posted (and deleted) a photo with a caption about how women should not be promiscuous. He also posted a photo of himself and Mercy and captioned “I love my wife so much”.

Even though Mercy has stayed clear of addressing the rumours, she has continued to share her daily activities with her fans on social media, including going to church yesterday.

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