Harvey Weinstein sues own company for email access

The disgraced movie producer, Harvey Weinstein is suing his own company, “The Weinstein Company” to gain access to emails “exonerating” him from sexual assault accusations, Sky News reports.

Weinstein is demanding access to his personal documents that could help defend himself again sexual assault allegations, and also defend the company against potentials liability.
In a lawsuit filed on Thursday, the movie mogul claims The Weinstein Company (TWC) is withholding key information that could be used in a future legal action.

The claim reads, “Mr Weinstein believes that his email account which is the primary, if not only, account he used during the term of his employment by the company – will contain information exonerating him, and therefore the company, from claims that may be asserted against him or the company”.

The 65-year-old was sacked by TWC in early October following claims of sexual harassment, assault and rape by several actresses, and later resigned from the company’s board, but denied any accusations made against him.

Meanwhile, TWC Co-founder and Weinstein’s brother, Bob Weinstein, also passed surprising comments about “Harvey’s sick and depraved behaviour”, saying he thinks his brother has “no remorse whatsoever”.

Harvey’s claim however says “similar improper conduct” has been levelled against Bob, who has also denied sexually harassing a female producer.

The claim also single out the account of actress Dominique Huett, who is suing TWC for $5m (£3.8m), claiming the firm knew of Weinstein’s alleged behaviour.

“Mr Weinstein seeks no more than to be able to have access to the same information as his brother does to prevent further harm to the company,” the claim said.

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