MAGGI’s Pop Up Kitchen says fun cooking is possible

Cooking can be fun! No, don’t roll your eyes yet – your mum didn’t send us.

But really, we understand that cooking has these extra connotations added to it, and how much of a hassle it can feel like, especially when it’s a duty. Plus, when you’re a student, everyone’s thinking “where’s the time?”

But, we insist, cooking can be fun too! Once we take away the pressures to cook exactly like our mothers, when the freedom opens up for us to do it our own way and style, we start to see how this simple act of preparing something for yourself or loved ones becomes a thing of profound joy that has a beautiful effect in the lives of everyone involved.

Now that we’ve all realized how important it is to take care of our bodies, especially from the inside, now we know that health & nutrition is something we should pay attention too, it’s the perfect time to find your own way around the kitchen!

Maggi’s Pop Up Kitchen wants to help! Everything you need to know about what’s healthy to eat, the kind of exercise your own body needs, plus you get to learn how to make some cool recipes directly from experts!

There’ll be tips and hacks that will help you reduce cooking time in half and show how to save money while at it, because ain’t nobody got time, right? Creative students will be showcasing their food enterprises… and everyone loves a good giveaway!

These will be good learning opportunities for the future, so look out for the dates and times Maggi’s Pop Up Kitchen  will be near you and then sign up!

The first Pop Up Kitchen will be at Babcock University on Sunday, October 22nd 2017.

You want to be healthier, fitter, fresher? Then see you there!


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