Wednesday, November 1

Pakistani woman accidentally poisons 27 family members in an attempt to kill husband

A Pakistani woman has accidentally poisoned 27 family members in a bid to kill her husband.

According to Pakistani police, the 21-year-old woman had intended to poison her husband, 25, who she was forced to marry.

She had earlier tried to run away from her husband but was caught and brought back.

She had offered her husband a poisoned glass of milk, which he refused. Instead, the husband’s mother poured the poisoned glass of milk into a large vat kept by the family.

She drew from it the next day to make lassi and butter, which was taken by 27 people.

Source told The Independent, that 15 people have been confirmed dead, with 12 people in critical condition at the hospital.

The assumption was that a lizard had fallen into the milk, poisoning it. But the girl eventually confessed to the crime, the police said.

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