Saturday, December 2

Kylie Jenner wants Travis Scott to move in with her for the baby

Kylie wants is to raise her baby in the same house as Travis Scott.

Miss Jenner is almost eight months pregnant, and according to reports, the baby girl is to be born in late January.

Jenner currently lives in her mansion in Los Angeles while Scott resides in his bachelor pad somewhere else in California.

According to reports, the star said she is pleading with the rapper to move in with him.

Jenner wants Scott to be a real father; she wants him to change diapers, wake up for the late night feeding, and watch his baby hit significant milestones.

The friend said: “Kylie has been pleading with Travis to move in with her full time and take a break from work once their baby arrives. She knows she will need help with late night changings and feedings, so she is begging him to stay with her nightly.”

The chatty pal shared: “Travis has been dedicated to his career which involves a lot of travel, so he is reluctant to commit to anything at the moment, but Kylie is very persuasive.”

Jenner wants the child to be with her two parents.

The source added: “She feels like it will be important for Travis to form a strong bond with his child so she will not stop talking to him about moving in as soon as possible. She does not want their baby raised by nannies, so she is asking him to be a hands-on father.”

Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian is telling her sister to embrace her curves and be happy.

A different source shared: “Kim is worried about Kylie becoming too recluse and turning into a complete hermit like their brother Rob. Kim gets how challenging it can be to maintain their celebrity image especially now that Kylie is dealing with a not-so-secret-pregnancy, but Kim has still been trying to encourage Kylie to get out more and enjoy life a little more.”

Fans are hoping the lovers will prove the naysayers wrong and have a long-lasting romance. Time will tell if the critics have a point when they say she just wanted a baby.

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