Saturday, December 2

#SlutWalk to hold in Lagos to protest sexual violence against women

This is definitely the last thing you would expect to happen in Lagos, but here we are.

The La Femme Foundation, a women’s right NGO is organizing the very first slut walk in Lagos as a place where women can safely protest the rampant sexual violence targeted against women, educate women how to protect themselves and prosecute the men who deign to sexual harass them or even outrightly rape women.

The Slutwalk is also meant to empower women who have suffered from rape and sexual violence and allow them speak publicly and plainly about their assault.
The Slut Walk will be held on December 17, from 9am with the meeting point at the Lekki-Ikoyi bridge roundabout.  The dress code is all black, with a gele on your head to show solidarity.

 The Slut Walk is being championed in the US by model Amber Rose.

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