#BBNaija: Fans reacts as Jackye 'harasses' Mike in bed on Thursday night (Video)

Fans of Big Brother Naija reality show has been reacting to a video of Jackye allegedly harassing fellow housemate, Mike, while he was in bed.

Jackye was caught on top of Mike in bed after the Cruisetopia team lost their Thursday night challenge to the Icons.

Mike who was tired of playing Ludo game in the garden retired to his bed to sleep but Jackye chased him to his bed.

Jackye climbed on top of Mike’s body while he was in bed, playing, touching him and disturbing him not to sleep.

Some BBNaija fans alleged that she touched his manhood in the process of playing with him on the bed.

Mike, who is one of the strong contenders of BBNaija ‘Pepper Dem’ edition is married.

Ike, in the process, warned Jackye to stay off Mike and remember that he’s married.

Watch video:

Below are some reactions from BBNaija viewers on Twitter:

@Caramelbsbie “See Jackye wrapping herself around Mike who was wearing just boxers under his robe! Someone’s husband ooo!

@Nwayinmanari “Jackye is in love with Mike, please don’t tell me otherwise. This holding of him in the name of play is too much. ”

@Famousganster1 “I don’t blame Jackye, I don’t blame Mike for not telling her off, it’s only natural.Those hormones will rush out once in a while, but at least, nothing happened at the end of the day.”

@Zenbarbi “Jackye get up from Mike’s body. What kind of rough play is this?

@Chillyanaliyon1 “Jackye followed Mike from dressing room to bedroom. Jackye is taking things too far. From allow to allowance .”

@purityphils “So Jackye is “on the low” shooting her shot at Mike?Yet Mama keeps reminding us of her Boyfriend everyday.

@Adeena_S “Please nobody should come for Jackye alone. “IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO”. Mike is the MARRIED ONE and he should be dragged just as much as JACKYE. Let’s not be unfortunate and stupid!

@Maigidq “So Jackye is dangerously squeezing Mike, somebody’s husband o, what evil is this.”

@B3ttyliciouss “Realizing that Omashola was saying the true about Jackye’s intense love for Mike. GOD HELP US O.”

@PaGidi “The rate at which Jackye is getting aggressively horny is becoming unbecoming. This is what you get when you say no housemate is your spec. Now, she’s lying down on married Mike, pressing his prick with style, and allowing him to tickle her all because of pillow.”

@MsEveonne “Ike was so uncomfortable in all of this Jackye thing with Mike.”

@Switpat “Can Ebuka just help me ask Jackye what she thinks about Mike? I need her to be put in her place. This too much follow follow is gradually getting outta hand.”

@Rosmar “Jackye has achieved her aim of touching Mike’s blokus this nite! Jackye What kinda play is that, Lying on Mike’s body. Na wa o! Look at his wife don’t joke with yourself.”

@Styletrailer “.Jackye on Mike’s back all in the name of play. Wow this is getting serious,he’s married oh.”


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